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​​"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life."   Mark Twain       

“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”    ​Anton Chekhov

F. R. Heil, The Man Who Turned Out the Lights and A Hard Place

"Laurie is a top-notch editor. Thanks to her skill and advice, my story is cleaner and a better read. Her 'aggressive' editing has made me more aware of my narrative structure and improved the story's flow. I look forward to working with her on my next book."


"Finished up and everything looks great. Thanks for catching those embarrassing mistakes...I'm still at a loss regarding ellipsis, commas, etc., so your advice is invaluable...amazed at how many times I can read a story and still find places where a word is misspelled or misused or missing altogether. Always great to have another set of eyes."

Kalen Laurel,  Intense Passions

"Laurie did an incredible job copy editing my book and she completed if before the deadline. She of course fixed my errors, but she also took the time to attempt to educate me about the process. Laurie also added invaluable input to the plot and characters of the book, and I'll be using her again in the future. I have recommended her services to a few friends who will also be using her in the very near future."

Jessica Argyle, No Name Key

"Laurie is the most conscientious editor I have ever encountered. For my novel, No Name Key, she meticulously weighed the value of every word, caught false notes, worked above and beyond, until she thought the manuscript was all it could be. Laurie is the kind of editor a writer dreams of having - combining respect for voice with zero tolerance for poor grammar and an ear for false notes."

Jessica's Blog - Bunny Island Key West

​It is both exhilarating and gratifying to see a person's creative endeavors come to fruition as a published book. I experience a unique sense of pride when I see the author's name appear on the cover because I know I played a  part in the process. Below are some comments from published works that I have had the pleasure of editing.

Colin Taber, The Markland Series: The Landing, Red Winter (Amazon Bestselling List),  Ossard's Shadow

"Laurie is not only fast, thorough and clear, but easy to work with. Professional and concise. Her work shines through to make my own stronger without diminishing my style."

Colin's website

Jack Shilkaitis, Apostasy

"I was very pleased with the quality of Laurie's copy edits of my book. She pointed out the inconsistencies in my work, the ones I knew were there but couldn't see for myself. By the time Laurie was finished with it, Apostasy was a much cleaner, much neater manuscript, and ready to be published."

Sean Joyce, Project Hope

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laurie to any writers looking for a comprehensive and high quality copy edit. In addition to her skills, Laurie offers excellent value, and is very personable."