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Unlike other editing services, BEP rates are based on the number of pages in the manuscript rather than on the number of words or by the hour. This can range from $2 to $8 per page, depending upon the quality of writing or the editorial specifications of the author.

My Commitment

Line Editing (copy editing)​: ​​ The means of guaranteeing that the story is "technically" correct. As the name implies, the manuscript is read line-by-line, and when completed, it ensures that the novel reads in "proper" English. It involves correcting grammar, punctuation, syntax, run-on sentences, and word usage, etc. It's also imperative that voice, style and tone are consistent, and any data (dates, names, websites, etc.) are verified for accuracy. From the reader's perspective, the manuscript should be edited so as to maintain continuity, clarity, conciseness, consistency (the "Four C's"), tone and style so the story flows smoothly.

I read the manuscript a minimum of three times: 1) a basic reading of the story for plot, tone, style, obvious mistakes in grammar and punctuation; 2) a detailed reading for the "four C's" as well as grammar and usage, punctuation, syntax, context, etc.; and 3) a meticulous reading to make sure all the "i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed," no commas have been missed, etc. (With more complicated manuscripts, this might actually be the fourth or fifth reading.)

Content Editing (substantive or developmental editing): The means of assisting you with the manuscript as a whole through analysis of characters, plot, tone, style and flow. It ensures that the dramatic effect will entice the reader, that the plot and characters are fully developed, that the paragraphs and chapters flow smoothly from one to the next, and that the story seems realistic, regardless of genre. When completed, content editing ensures you that the readers are getting the "whole story" that you want to tell.

When content editing, I approach the manuscript as if I were a reader, and not primarily the line editor. If a paragraph seems out of place, I might suggest that the author move it to a different part of the chapter or narrative. If the plot makes me inquisitive about a character, I might suggest the author include more background information. If the story seems to start "out of nowhere," I might suggest the author include a prologue.

Translation Editing:  The means of ensuring that your manuscript has been translated into the proper context. For example, "por" in Spanish can be translated into various prepositions ("for, to, at, after, around, along, in order to, because of") in American English, all of which can imply something different than what you intended to write. When completed, it ensures that your manuscript will meet American English and/or British English grammar and style rules, maintain your style and tone, and will flow smoothly for the reader. I have worked with ESL, Peruvian, Italian, Czech, and French translations, as well as Canadian, British, and Commonwealth English manuscripts.

Let's consider the types of editing.

I will read your manuscript, word-by-word, in order to provide the personalized attention your "pride and joy" deserves. You have spent hours on your creation, and I will do the same so that your manuscript will be of the highest quality.

I use Microsoft Word Track Changes for the editing process. This provides you with the opportunity to review the edits in terms of insertions and deletions of text, suggested re-writes or revisions, and citations and references for the proper English rules and principles. 

To provide services that are one-of-a-kind in the freelance editing field by approaching each project as a fresh and unique experience. ​To polish an author's manuscript through various types of editing, formatting and translation editing. To assist an author with publishing options and submissions.

My Technique

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“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”  ​Dr. Seuss 

"Easy reading is damn hard writing."             Nathaniel Hawthorne

Now let's take a look at publishing...

As these samples demonstrate, my technique explains the edits and provides the reference materials for implemented principles and rules. You have the option of rejecting or accepting any of the edits and deleting the comments. By clicking on "final" version, you are able to read the document as edited, without the "blue and red ink" that might be distracting to some.

"Final" Version

​​Track Changes Sample

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