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"Anyone who says they only have only one life to live must not know how to read a book."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Author Unknown

My avid interest in reading (some family members would call it an addiction) started very early in life...sitting on my

grandfather's lap while he read the newspaper, making the Saturday trip to the public library for "Kid's Story hour,"

writing the "dreaded" assignment "What I read during summer vacation." My appreciation for the written word also

left me with a sense of awe and admiration for the person who wrote the book...the imagination to come up the idea,

the talent to put the story into words, the ability to draw me into the world presented on the pages. Because I did not

feel I had that sense of imagination or creativity, I instead went via the way of journalism...why not write the facts

and work with other people's words? Although I dropped out of college in my senior year for personal reasons, the

journalism knowledge-base from those first three years enabled me to find employment as a city editor of a small

town newspaper and a managing editor of an industry publication. 

But life's changes and challenges led to some adjustments in my personal life a few years later. After working miscellaneous jobs for over 20 years in order to make ends meet, I finally returned to college for my BS in Business Management at the age of 45. But when the restaurant I managed began to truly feel the effects of the recession in 2009,

my position became tenuous at best. Then came the "heart-to-heart" talk with myself  Did I really want to continue in the hospitality industry? The honest answer was "No."

Then I started to notice something after I purchased my first e-reader...so many of the self-published books I was reading had not been edited. But many of those books could have been so much better, if only... 

Hence the decision to return to one of my first loves...the written word. My desire at this point was to become a freelancline editor for the fiction novelist. I received my certification in copy editing from mediabistro.com in 2010, and I soon returned to the worlds created by people who have the talent to create those worlds. And I am still in awe.

I received numerous inquiries about smoothing foreign translations for readability in the American or British markets, and I have completed several projects with that end goal in mind. Social media sites indicate that authors are sometimes perplexed or overwhelmed when they review publishing house requirements for submitting a manuscript. What is a query letter or proper synopsis? I have also helped create and edit those infamous letters and synopses.

This diversity of services allows me to work at things I truly enjoy.